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Olives-for-extra-virgin-olive-oilOlive Hill Farm extra-virgin olive oils are premium cold pressed single estate oils. Our table olives are 100% natural with no chemicals used to preserve them. The oil is pressed from olives grown exclusively on our farm on the banks of the Margaret River, here in the heart of the Margaret River region, Western Australia.


Currently we don’t produce Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Table Olives. Please contact local growers Wulura Farms.

About our Extra Virgin Olive Oil

No pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used on our trees or olives, and they are handpicked at the optimum time depending on variety, to produce flavourful, fresh oil and firm table olives.

The olives are immediately pressed here in the Margaret River region, to produce oils that have a delicious, well balanced fresh and fruity flavour, with harmonious pepperiness.

The oil is offered in a choice of a boutique 250ml bottle or bulk in the container of your wish.

Varieties of Table Olives:


Varieties of Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

Wa Mission

A sturdy, fast growing, adaptable variety, named from the trees first planted by the Benedictine monks at the New Norcia Mission, Western Australia, in the 19th Century.

A Margaret River classic, consistently prize-winning style. Fresh and grassy, balanced pepper and bitterness, in the Tuscan style. Popular with chefs for its robust yet harmonious character.

Serving suggestions:
All Italian dishes; pasta, bruschetta, minestrone, roasted vegetables, pestos and tapenades, well flavoured breads such as ciabatta.

Margaret River blend

Blended from the low-yielding but high quality dual-purpose [table "0" not found /]
Manzanilla and Verdale olives, a lively, mild and smooth oil, perfect where a less assertive flavour is wanted.
Serving suggestions:
Vinaigrettes, delicate French dishes, dipping, French breads, pates d’olives, and soups.

kalamata oil

The classical Greek. From the prized Kalamata, a robust, fruity oil, with pepper and complementary bitterness on the palate.
Serving suggestions:
Marinades for fetta cheese, artichokes and olives, well flavoured Greek and Moroccan food such as tagines, moussakas, dukkah, sourdough breads.

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