Frequently Asked Questions

When we stay at Olive Hill will we see any kangaroos?
–  Kangaroos can be seen most days, especially at dusk and dawn in the olive groves and grazing in the paddocks.  You may also find evidence of them having been in the cottage garden whilst you’ve been sleeping!

How many guest cottages/apartments do you have at Olive Hill Farm?
–  We only have one cottage to maximise your privacy and we invite you to enjoy the exclusive use of the facilities at Olive Hill Farm

Can we use the rowing boat at the river?
–  You are welcome to use the boat at your own risk.  You will need to collect the oars from us at the main house.

How far do I have to walk to get from the cottage to the river?
–  The river is approximately 1km from the cottage – an easy, scenic, gentle stroll.

Are there any toys for children to play with in the sand pit?
Yes, there are some toys for children to have fun with.

When you are playing the bagpipes at functions what do you normally wear?
I usually wear a  Prince Charlie jacket with a waist coat (black tie attire) with the ancient Mac Thomas tartan kilt.