Services we offer

Farmstay Chalet – Peace and tranquility – taste “The Good Life”
Horse Holidays – where you can come and stay with your horse or without!
Horse Spelling – peace and quiet for your horse to take time out

Horse Agistmentt – a place to call home
Horse Rehabilitation Care – for that extra care when you do not have time
Bagpipes – hatches, matches and dispatches – every occasion catered for
Extra Virgin Olive Oil – a unique taste of the Margaret River Region
Table Olives – the real deal nothing artificial and 100% natural
Hire A Farmer – Would you appreciate having experienced assistance and the provision of the necessary tools or machinery to do the job properly? Find out more here.

Welcome to Olive Hill Farm

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Olive Hill Farm delivers something that is increasingly hard to find:

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Honest – Unpretentious and genuine
ReliableHonour our word
Quality – Consistently high standards
Tailored – “Made to measure” – for you
Service – Delivering what you want, time and time again