Wedding Bagpipes –


I started playing the bagpipes at secondary school when I was 13.   Before long, I was introduced to playing in quartet competitions as well as the school and local pipe bands.

My bagpipes and kilt have travelled the world with me since leaving school.  I have been amazed by the number of opportunities that have arisen, largely due to people with Scottish ancestral connections and others who are simply bemused by a lad in a tartan skirt, blowing into and squeezing a bag of hot air!

I have piped at a variety of events from weddings to a book signing with the famous Scottish author, Alexander McCall Smith.   Knowing how much organisation is required to create successful events, I take pride in providing a professional service, offering you peace of mind.  Special requests for your event are taken with prior notice.

I invite you to view some of my videos to get an idea of what you could expect.  My apologies for the wind noise in some of them but the venues are (in my opinion!) truly breath taking.

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